About Us

Welcome to my John Christopher Website!

My name is John Christopher Condron from Dublin, Ireland. I share a middle name with the patron Saint of Travellers – my mother must have had the gift of second sight as I am very often travelling for my job. Often, as a boy, when she addressed me by my full name “John Christopher” it meant I was in trouble! 

I have been making jewellery from an early age – it started as a young boy – I was a keen fisherman and made my own lures from molten lead – after some painting and polishing they looked really good – almost too good to throw into the sea – I was soon hooked (sorry!) on metal working and jewellery making.

I've been blessed to be able to make my living and life’s work in this very special business - I shouldn't call it work because to me every day is a joy! I love meeting people and creating new jewellery.....I started in the business the day I finished School at the age of 18 and have worked with some of the finest jewellers in the trade both in Ireland and the United States. I met my Irish wife in New York in 1990 and our son Jack was born in 1998 in New York City. In 2000 our second son Shay was born in the heart of Dublin like myself. 

We lived between both countries for many years and are now firmly rooted in County Wicklow. Its fertile fields have led to it being called the “Garden of Ireland”. It has majestic vistas, rolling valleys, oak forests not to mention one of the most important monastic sites in Europe and Ireland - Glendalough the valley of the two lakes. From our studio in Wicklow we create and ship our jewellery world wide - we also have a showroom in Dublin in what was one of the last working Forges in Ireland...this is where I grew up and is attached to the old family home. Our jewellery business started in the forge – a place steeped in the tradition of metal working since 1735.... I sometimes think I was fated to be in the trade of metal working.

I am currently the Chairman of the FJMI (the Federation of Jewellery manufactures of Ireland) – the body represents the interests of the makers of Fine Jewellery and helps promote Irish Jewellery within Ireland and abroad. We have a very strong code of ethics to which our members adhere. The FJMI has celebrated over fifty years as an association and many distinguished Irish Jewellers have chaired the organization prior to me.

We work closely with the Assay Office based in Dublin Castle – they have been in existence since 1637 (the year, not the time) and were one of the world's first examples of consumer protection. All Irish jewellery is Hallmarked by Act of Law this guarantees the finesse and origin of the piece. 

The inspiration for my jewellery comes from the people, the poets, the landscape, the fauna and our diverse Norman/Celtic/Monastic and Viking heritage I love to pay tribute to Irish Myths and Legends with a dedicated piece of jewellery like the Children of Lir or the famous story of the Salmon of Knowledge.

In my Wedding Ring and Diamond Collections each style has a story and a point of reference be it the Corrib Claddagh and the ancient love story that surrounds it. The Livia collection is inspired by James Joyce’s Finnegan’s wake where he refers to the River Liffey as Anna Livia Plurabelle - the engravings on the ring mirror the ebbs and flows of the famous River which rises in the Wicklow hills and flows through our elegant Capital City before entering the sea ...The journey of the river resembles the Journey of Life. Dublin or in Gaelic Dubh-linn known as the “black pool” and was one of the famous Viking Cities of Europe.

I could go on for ever but I'm only ever an email or phone call away - please feel free to contact me regarding any jewellery desires you may have. You may get through to one of the team or family as I still travel quite a lot but I would be delighted to get back to you personally. 

I hope you enjoy my portfolio (apart from my family) it’s my life’s endeavour and joy!

Is mise le meas

John C Condron.  

Irish Jewellery Designer and Maker