About Hallmarking


By law, all jewellery of precious metals sold in Ireland must carry a hallmark. Irish made jewellery has a distinctive hallmark which distinguishes it from imported hallmarked jewellery (see guide).

The Irish hallmark is the most reassuring of quality guarantees being one of the oldest forms of consumer protection.

The hallmark has been used in this country since 1637 so whenever you buy a piece of Irish made precious metal jewellery, look for the hallmark and you know you are getting the very best quality.

Gold is the most important material standard in human civilisation. It has been known and highly valued from earliest times, not only because of its beauty, but also because gold is easier to work than all other metals.

Gold was easier to obtain in pure form than any other metal. Because of its relative rarity, gold was used as the basis for all economies and international monetary transactions.

From the time of the ancient Celts in 2,000 BC, gold has been highly prized in jewellery and no other metal has been found in such a variety of finished works of art in so many different communities than gold.

Gold is the ultimate precious metal and it’s purity is always measured in carats, the purest being 24 carat.

Silver has been used as an ornamental and coinage metal in Ireland since ancient times and has been mined here since 2000 BC and only became popular at about 1500 AD. One of the best known pieces from early Christian times is the Ardagh chalice which is an elaborate design using over two hundred and fifty separate pieces.

The use of silver in jewellery, tableware, and as coinage is well known. Sterling silver is the purest form of silver you find in jewellery.

Platinum Irish jeweller manufacturers are today using more platinum than at any other time, carefully translating both contemporary and traditional designs into pieces featuring this precious metal.

FJMI precious metal jewellery is amongst the best in the world. Be it a tribute to traditional Celtic designs or a bold new departure it is an important part of our heritage and the care and craftsmanship that goes into each piece being made today reflects this.

The Federation of jewellery manufacturers of Ireland represents the artists and craftspeople who work in that most ancient of vocations: Jewellery making.

The Irish have always strived to apply their creativity to this. One of the most public and popular expressions of art - from breathtakingly beautiful pieces since the time of the Pyramids to the simple elegance of contemporary Irish design.

The role of the Generation of Jewellery Manufacturers of Ireland is simple: We are determined to ensure that Irish jewellery making continues to astonish and delight people the world over.